Friday, May 20, 2011


So I'm trying to plan my travels. The tenative plan is to take off from my home in Alaska for at least one year. I am going to start in SE Asia. I have traveled their for short periods of time in the past, and I love it there. Great weather, great people, and it is cheap. Traveling in SE Asia, my goal is to be able to live on $20 a day. I feel like as an American, I am a huge consumer. Do I really need to consume so much? More than half of the world's populationg lives on less than $2 /day yet many of these people are happy. If I can't live on 10 times the money that half the world's population lives on then I have a problem. I want to learn to spend less money on consuming and spend more time experience the joys of living. I have created a new blog dedicate to traveling cheap. It is called Tips for Making Money While Traveling the World. Check it out!

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