Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand, to Anchorage, Alaska

Amber:  We made it back to Anchorage, Alaska!  We had a wonderful five and a half months.  We started in Munich, German, and rented a car and road tripped through Austria, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, and back to Germany.  Of that time, we spent a month in Italy, three weeks in Greece, and two weeks in Croatia.  Each country was beautiful and we wished we had way more time (and money) to spend in all of Europe!  Tim's parents met up with us in Italy, as well as our friend Sarah and her Aunt Jane (and her fabulous friend, Kim).  We all ate a lot of amazing food and drank a lot of delicious wine.  My sister finally met up with us and we had great twin time in Italy and Greece! And ate more food and drank more wine! It started to snow in Europe, so Tim and I returned our car to Munich after driving a total of 8,000 km.  Tim and I then flew from Germany to Istanbul, Turkey, explored for a few days, then flew to and visited Dubai, UAE.  We were in the "Middle East" and it was awesome!!

We finally made it back to SE Asia when we flew from Dubai to Jakarta, Indonesia.  We spent a month in Indonesia, and that was no where near enough time.  We then traveled for six weeks with our friends Justin and Ciara, spending a month in Myanmar and two weeks with them in Thailand. Tim and I finished our trip beach hopping in Thailand for two weeks. We returned to Bangkok to enjoy some cheap shopping, spa time, and meet up with our friend Rico, and our friend Melissa (who was in a 2 week whirlwind tour of Thailand with her friend Cailin).  We ate at Chinatown one last time.  We went to the Sky Bar, where the Hang Over Two was filmed and drank really expensive cocktails. We drank buckets on Khao Saun Road. Finally, it was time for us to fly home.  We booked a ticket using air miles, costing us a total of $75 total due to taxes, and flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Shanghai, China, then to Tokyo, Japan, finally reaching US soil in Seattle, Washington, and after a little over 30 hours, landed in Anchorage, Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was an amazing 5.5 months.  We both missed our family and friends, but the new experiences and new friends we made were fantastic.  We will be home in Alaska for the summer.  There is no place more beautiful  and no where else either of us would rather spend our summer.  Tim plans on managing a remote mining camp for the summer.  I'm hoping to get some remote work as well, or may stay in town and play a lot with my sister.  We will be heading to South America come winter.  We hope that our friends will join us in Peru when we visit Machu Picchu.  We will go to Mendoza for the wine festival with Tim's parents.  From there, there are so many amazing options in South America that we don't really know where to start.  We've started practicing Spanish!  Tim graduates with his MBA in April (I'm so proud of him!), so that means next winter, you will be hearing a lot more from him!

Thank you all so much for reading our blog!!

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