Sunday, May 6, 2012


Tim:  Our bus ride from Melaka to Singapore took four hours. We had to pass through immigration in Johore Baru, and it went without incident. The same bus drove us all the way into the downtown area of Singapore near Little India. Amber and I made our way to a nearby mall (there are malls everywhere in Singapore) and purchased a Singapore SIM card and prepaid credit. We contacted our friend Cindy Choa. She was busy for a little bit and had her boyfriend Michael meet us at the mall. Cindy arranged for us to stay a friend's house on the outskirts of the city.

That evening we enjoyed an amazing seafood dinner at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. It included granola covered prawns, squashed wrapped scallops, and chili crab. This began our four day love affair with Singapore food. Singapore is famous for its amazing malls and food options. As we really didn't need to do any shopping, we just settled for the food. The next day we had lunch of Dim sum (sp) a Hong Kong specialty at what use to be an old horse race track. We ate dinner at a rooftop Indian restaurant in Little India.

As for sights, we checked out the Asian Civilizations Museum. It was by far the best museum I have ever been to, with the most amazing ancient artifacts I have ever seen. This include a ship wreck exhibition of merchant vessel from 830 AD that was found of the coast of Indonesia. There was a gold coin collection that included coins from 600 BC. There were amazing examples of ancient artifacts from all the Asian countries.

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