Monday, February 6, 2012

Vientiane, Laos

Tim: Left Bangkok on the Saturday night on the sleeper train for Nong Thai, the boarder town near Vientiane, Laos. The train was actually really fun! The bottom seats folded into one bunk and the upper bunk folded down from the ceiling. Amber, Joe, Justin, and I all got top bunks so we had people sleeping under us. We could have taken an overnight bus that would have taken about 8 hours, but we opted for the more comfortable train that took 12 hours. The train cost us $21.50 each. We went up to the restaurant/bar car for a few beers and some cards. The bar car had open windows so we good stick our head out the side of the train The Thai servers were playing classic American rock music. The bar car shut down at 10:30 PM so we were off to our bunks.

Got up just in time in the morning for our stop. We arrived in downtown Vientiane around noon. Found a guesthouse then went for a traditional Laos herbal sauna and massage. It was intersting experience. The herbal sauna was pretty much a bamboo shack with a fire underneath with pots of water. My back is still a little sore from the back cracking. I added photos from our day of water slides and roller coaster because we finally got the adapter for the MD camera card.

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