Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Night in Ko Samet

Tim: It is our last night here in Ko Samet. It has been very relaxing. We have been running both mornings we have been here then jumping into the ocean as soon as we are done; a good way to start the morning! Relaxed today, laid on the beach, did some reading. We did laundry for the first time this trip in our bathroom sink. Had laundry lined up to dry all over the room, but it worked out well.
Amber:  our first accommodations on Koh Samet were so horrible that by this morning I really didn't care much for the entire island.  We moved today to a clean, cool little room that has a *gasp* flush toilet, hot water shower AND air conditioning.  With no ants except for the one that I killed as soon as it crawled from my back pack.  All for 6 US more than we were paying at the prior accommodations.  After doing all the laundry that had been exposed to the first place we called home here on the island, Tim and I took a small, air conditioned nap and then went down for a little sun bathing, walk along the beach at sun set then had our first whole sea bass grilled in garlic and pepper.  It was very tasty, Tim even ate most of the head.  He avoided the eye balls tho, my Mom would have been disappointed. 
I bought some very light weight 'barefoot' Merill shoes just before heading overseas and after two runs my calves are nearly dead and I think my left toes are sevierly bruised.  So much for new technology - I want my built in orthotics Brookes running sneakers!  We are heading back to BKK tomorrow but we will go for one more run in the morning.  Instead of going up the dusty roads that are riddled in pebbles, trucks and trash, we plan on sticking to the sandy shores of Koh Samet and taking a swim between laps.  Why didn't we think of this sooner? 

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  1. Sounds like you two are having a blast. I can say, albeit elation For your good times, slight feelings of jealousy arise every time I read your posts.... Amber, about your shoes. You need to run short distances in them at first- like no more than a couple miles-none of that marathon crap you two seem to love. Your body needs to get used to the impact from lack of cushion in them, otherwise injury might ensue. Sorry if I'm raining on your parade but I digress. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves on the next leg of your exploits.