Saturday, January 7, 2012

On our way!

Amber:  We have made it to Seattle!!  After the -17 degrees we had to load the cube van in, the rain feels so nice.  Our last week in Anchorage was envisioned to be one of relaxation and trips to Alyeska - we both were freshly unemployed, so why not, right?  As it turned out, moving both of us out of our condos and wrapping up responsibilities was slightly less relaxing and a little more overwhelming.  Thankfully, we both have family and friends that hosted and helped us move, adapt and celebrate the upcoming year of travels!!!
My poor sister is, without a doubt, organizing and cleaning away now that we are safely out of state and soon to be country!!  Thank you for hosting my boyfriend, dog, and car for a week Heather and Dwight!!  Not to mention all our accessories we'll be traveling with that were strewn across your home. You guys are very gracious hosts.  Even Pepper will be missed!!  No more Silverhook coffee with hazelnut creamer for this girl for a while!  I wonder if they even have hazelnut creamer in SE Asia?
My Mom is making it so I can even consider traveling for over a week, let alone up to 15 months (don't worry, that is max).  Almost ten years ago I played hookie from finals week and went to the pound to adopt one of the most frustrating yet lovable dogs ever.  If you haven't heard a story about how he has run away, pooped in an undesirable places or times, chewed up $100's in shoes, plants, couches, etc, run away again, shed, peed on someone, ran away again, then you haven't met Charlie, but somehow my Mom was kind enough to volunteer to watch the little monster while we are adventuring around in SE Asia, responsibility free.   Thank you, Mom, for taking Charlie and making it so I can go, knowing he will be well loved and taken care of!!
So finally Tim and I had New Years off together!! Our dear friend Eric (also our matchmaker!) hosted a fantastic New Years Eve party where I got not one New Years Eve smooch, but two! Love you Tim and love you Eric!!! Eric and Jess also hosted our going away party where it was fun and relaxing to eat some Alaskan salmon and ling cod one more time!

I'm sure Tim and I will be able to locate a beer or two during our travels, so, while I will miss drinking it with you all, will be sure to toast you from a nice sandy beach in our flip flops.

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  1. All's well with Charlie, Amber. He didn't even bark when a moose broke down Becky's run at 5:30AM and shook the house! Enjoy your day!