Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Days in BKK continues

Amber:  Our trip is definitely focused on trying new experiences and seeing new sights but some times it just seems to focus on food!  We love the food here; be it is sticky rice with mango served on the street for breakfast (that while we ate we saw a rat crawl out of the gutter), or anything else you can find on Khaosan Road (spring rolls, pad thai, fried rice, fresh squeezed mandarin orange juice, and bbq or fried chicken legs to list a few we have tried)  We went in search of MBK to look for a camera for Tim and got stuck at the food court at the mall next door and eating a variety of breads with an assortment of toppings, a pork and chicken on a skewer, toasted bread with powdered sugar and cinnamon, and then a very disappointing chicken Caesar wrap.  We are craving bread!  On our adventure of going to Chinatown we experienced fish balls (fish paste in a dough ball with a sweet spicy sauce) duck over noodles (actually amazing), won tons, bbq pork, fried bread with strawberry sauce, grilled prawns, and fresh pomegranate juice.  Today we visited with Tim's friend Cindy back at the mall district by MBK and had a very elegant meal of Thai food.  Cindy is an excellent host and the food we shared was amazing!  We started with little crispy won tons, bbq chicken in banana leaves, a baked fish paste, tom yum soup with coconut milk, a refreshing lemon grass drink and continued on to sharing three entrees and finished with gelato and jelly covered water chestnuts.  All very new to us but good just the same!

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  1. Oh man I heart that top photo of you Amber. Glad you are having such amazing time and as always love the updates.