Monday, January 23, 2012

Lazy Day on Koh Tao

Amber:  Today has been the most relaxing day of our travels so far.  We slept in, then had espresso and banana pancakes for breakfast. Concerned that we would do nothing if we didn't do something, Tim convinced me to leave the room in search of adventure on our orange motor scooter.  Today we went East where the road went from paved to steep and rutted heavily from the last rain.  Having driven as far as we could on the bike, we left it on the side of the road and continued to the beach on foot.  The beach was beautiful as was the hike through the palm forrest and flowers to get to it. Having gotten fairly sunburned yesterday we opted to wear shorts and tees, with no swimming wear.  Big mistake at one in the afternoon after a long hike down a steep path!  The ocean was so inviting, but we decided to stay dry and not dive in.  The hike back up to the bike was grueling and hot.  On the way up the winding path we came to an agreement that from here on out we will save the hiking for 7am when the sun has just risen and the temperatures are lower.  With a nap at mid day, of course! 
Content that we had accomplished an adventure for the day, Tim has put in ear plugs and is taking a nap.  We plan on going to the same little place that had 1/2 off on pastsa for dinner tonight as on Mondays they have 1/2 off on pizzas! 

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  1. Awesome! Way to go you guys: an adventure EVERYDAY! Great inspiration! and wonderful pictures. Thank you! Love, Mom