Thursday, January 12, 2012

We made it to Bangkok

Amber:  We are safe and sound in Bangkok!  Thank you to Ryan C and Alice and Jim for your hospitality while we were in Seattle!!  What a fun last few days in the states before a year abroad!!  We arrived at 2:30am in Bangkok to have Rick and Justin waiting for us with Long Island Ice Teas - the best Thai welcome ever!!  Needless to say, after a 12 hour flight from Seattle then a 17 hour layover in Taipei with a nice little 3.5 hour flight to Bangkok it was a welcome sight to see our buddies with a nice room key and some cocktails waiting for us.  Next morning it was brutal trying to function with sleep deprivation and a mild hangover (major) but we made it to some delicious red curry and pad Thai at Four Sons (Tim's all time favorite restaurant) before staggering back to AC and sleep.  Woke up to have Sarah fly in and an evening of Buckets and Presidents and Assholes... dancing before bedtime!  Today we woke up with some ambition, put on sunscreen and walked to the Grand Palace to experience Thai culture at its finest.  Beautiful Emerald Buddha was amazing.  We had street food and Thai orange juice (amazing) for breakfast then met up with Sarah and the guys for more red curry.  Time for another nap then more buckets and card games.  We are going to have one more day here in Bangkok before heading for a beach.  Its been amazing!! 


  1. Yeah! You made it safe and sound! We are so happy! Your pictures and comments are wonderful, Amber and Tim! I love this blog idea and look forward to more posts. Love you! Mom

  2. sounds awesome! have fun at the beach! we will be thinking of you!