Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bangkok and on to Chaing Mai

Amber:  We got up bright and early the next morning and made our way across the Thailand boarder.  Eight days in Cambodia was not enough, I want to go back!  It was nice to be back in Bangkok however and meet back up with Joe, Justin and Rico.  We had made plans to meet up with them and go to dinner in Chinatown during our one night in Bangkok. 

Tim:  After three days in Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor it was time to move on to Bangkok to meet up with Rico, Justin, and Joe for our trip to Chang Mai for the Songkron Water Festival. We decided on an eight hour minivan ride to Bangkok with a short stop in Poipet for the boarder crossing and switching mini vans. We got a room at our usual guesthouse in Bangkok, New Central. We felt like we were returning to our second home with the amount of time we have spent in Bangkok. We met up with Rico and Joe for some lunch. The afternoon was scorching hot with high humidity. We were almost swimming in our own sweat.

The plan for the evening was to journey over to China town for dinner. Justin found an Anthony Bourdaine episode from China town with roasted suckling pick. A taxi took us to the restaurant. We order the suckling pick and crab fried rice. The food was amazing! When the first brought out the pig we ate the skin first in a tamarind sauce. Then they took the pig back, hacked it up and served the rest grilled. Afterwards we went for some Chinese pastries filled with your choice of fillings. We had chocolate, peanut butter, and marmalade.

The rest evening was uneventful. We returned to our guesthouse after a few card games and cocktails on Khao San Road. The next morning we slept in. We had to be out of our guesthouse by noon. We stored our backpacks at the guesthouse after checking out. The night train for Chang Mai did not leave until 7:30 in the evening. We were we took the canal boat to the MBK mall. Amber wanted to buy a new dress for the pearls that I bought her in Phu Quoc.

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  1. A wonderful trip you had!) My friends and I also like to travel the world. Last time, we were in Chiang Mai, this is one of the cities in Thailand. There we rented motorcycles to see the sights of the city. Most of all we liked Wachirathan Waterfall - this is the biggest waterfall on the highest mountain in Thailand. We were happy to be there!