Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Florence: Round Two

Tim: Florence is probably our favorite city in Italy. Amber's sister Heather had joined us and wanted to see the city as well, so we were happy to drive north again to visit the city. We reserved a three person room at Hotel Marcella with a shared bathroom right near the middle of the city. It took us a few minutes to find the hotel. It turned out that it was immediately across the street from Hotel Mario where our friends Sarah and Jane had stayed when we visited Florence just ten days before. Cars without special permits are not allowed on many of Florence's downtown streets. We did not know this until we were told by our hostel staff. We had to illegally park for a few minutes until we got our baggage unloaded and checked into our place. Private parking in the area of downtown Florence costs 18 Euro for 24 hours so we opted to search for free parking further out. Through a google search we were able to find out that there was free parking near the Piazza Michelangelo. This was only 2.1 miles walking distance from our hotel but was over 5 miles driving in the car. We were able to find parking and the area was on a hill with amazing views over all of Florence.

Amber:  We had a great time in Florence with Heather.  The Domo is probably one of the most impressive buildings any of us have seen.  It is beautiful!  Heather had purchased a fancy Nikon camera this summer, so a lot of her trip consisted of photographing all the amazing sights she saw.  I think she may have taken close to 250 pictures of the Domo alone.  On the first day from the hill top where we poached parking.  That day when we walked all the way around it. That night when we went back for more pictures in the dark (it's very beautifully light up).  Then we climbed the Domo, so there were even more photos taken.

We love to eat while we travel, and of course drink good wine at affordable prices, so were happy to take Heather to our favorite wine bar in Florence and sip on a bottle or two of red wine while we ate prosciutto and cheese foccia sandwiches.  It was after she had finished her sandwich we pointed out the curing hindquarters hanging from the ceiling; future prosciutto!


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