Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Tim:  We planned for a three night stay near Naples and Pompei. Our hotel was located in the seaside town of Pozzuoli about 10 km north of Naples and about a 45 minute drive from Pompei. We arrived later in the afternoon on our first day and we visited the beach in Pozzuoli. We had a nice time, but the beach was not impressive and quite dirty. We went for a quick swim in the water. The beach was very shallow even though we were several hundred feet offshore it was still not over our heads. The water was cold, but not unpleasant.
     We found pizza for lunch. We chose Napoli style pizza that comes with sardines. None of us were impressed. I am very adventuresome when it comes to food and like all kinds of food, but I cannot understand why people like sardines or anchovies.

Amber:  I have always wanted to go to Pompei, and after discovering that pizza originated in Naples, both places were on the top of my to-go-wish-list for this trip.  Heather and Tim were also excited to go check out the ruins, and nobody can turn down good pizza.  Maybe even the worlds greatest!?  While in Pozzuoli, we found the third largest ancient arena in Italy, and were able to explore to our hearts content its underground passage ways.  It was far less grand then the Colosseum, seating for 25,000 vs around 50,000, but the accessibility of the ruins and the lack of crowds made it a very nice compliment.

All three of us were shocked with how huge Pompei is!  It is probably seventeen blocks across and about ten blocks wide, complete with bakery's, government buildings, homes,  bathhouses, arenas, and theaters. The streets were stone, many with wagon wheel ruts in them. Most of the artwork and artifacts have been removed and taken into Naples, placed into museums.  We walked throughout the ruins for hours, finding some of the casts of the remaining people that perished after the eruption of Mt Vasuvious, looking into lots of very old homes, and walking through the naughty Roman bathhouses.

Having found that most of the more impressive artifacts had been stripped from Pompei, we were glad that finding the worlds greatest pizza in Naples would also allow us to go the a museum in Naples that housed all of Pompei's finest.  We boarded probably the most derelict train any of us have been on, and after traveling through SE Asia, that says a lot!   We found a place that had been recommended by our guide book, and as there was a huge line out the door, figured it must be THE spot for pizza.  It was pouring out, and the wait was taking forever, so we grabbed a quick coffee.  Naples makes very good coffee, and after our wait was finally up, we found that they do, indeed, make very good pizza.  The pizza was cooked perfectly, and the dough was the best part.  It was almost paper thin in the center, and oh so good!

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